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Velvet Hangers

Velvet & Flocked hangers are also referred to as huggable, and come with an array of benefits. The supple velvety surfacing of these hangers provides a slip-proof grip to enable your clothes retain their shape. Since they feature a hanger clip, they offer an extra advantage of suspending trousers and skirts up such that no wrinkles are left. They are also slender in profile, and can help create extra space within the wardrobe or in your store.

These space-salvaging velvet coat hangers serve multiple-functions, as they accommodate numerous garments when arranged in stacked form. This is done with cascading small hooks which join the hangers. They also come in handy for kids clothing, as they do not let garments slide off. You can also purchase specialised kids designs that fit their smaller clothes.

Velvet hangers are crafted to accommodate different items of clothing; choose from a more versatile suit hanger, or a sleek top hanger. Suit hangers are labelled as such because the cross bar is ideal for hanging trousers together with the jacket. They are also designed with slender straps such that tanks or spaghetti dresses do not fall off when the closet is moved or flung open.

Traditional designs, especially those made of wire or coated wire, will stretch out the necks of your sweaters, shirts and jackets. This is because they need to sit at a certain point in order to stay on. For example, you may need to button up a business shirt at the top, or do up the hook of a coat, to make sure both shoulders stay put. Velvet types do not do this, even when the clothes are unbuttoned.

Worried about durability and wear? Don’t be. Although they look soft and luxurious, these designs are made to last the distance. The base that the velvet flocking is applied to is strong, and can take more than a few knocks when you’re pulling out clothes in a rush. Even busy retail environments are no match for the durable design!

For help with ordering your velvet coat hangers, including customisation options, please contact us.