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Timber Hangers


With a perfect wardrobe investment plan, you can always stock your clothing orderly and easily retrieve them. To achieve this end, you will need high quality hangers which will prolong the lifespan of your wear paraphernalia. Wooden hangers are among the most efficient in the market, they are not only endearing but versatile as to accommodate different clothes. There are different types of timber hangers that you can acquire for your closet.

Thick, curved hangers are impeccable for suits and coats, knits, sweaters, evening clothes and robes. Thick hangers leave capacious space in a closet as they suspend many clothes. The curved ends of the hangers provide protection to the garment and offer heavy suits and coats firm support.

You can use clamp hangers to dangle sarong, skirts or kilts from the waist level or to suspend trousers from the cuffs devoid of marks and wrinkles. Besides, there are deluxe-made hangers that pair well with expensive suits along other class-exclusive types for ties, shirts, shorts and all fabric.  

Why Wooden Hangers

A timber hanger made of natural wood ensures that your clothes last long compared to metallic types. There are wooden hangers like Walnut or hardwood made that match all gear of clothing. The upside of a wood-made hanger is structure; wires are pliable as they bend when pressured by much weight. This is inevitable if you will hang heavy jackets and suits; timber hangers are strong and can suspend more weight.

Though wooden hangers are relatively costly than wire types, they will be an additional investment to a valuable closet. Though made of wood, some of the straps are not noticeable as they are polished and offered in a variety of colors. You can get fabulous hangers that will offer firm and steady support for your clothes in tandem with the contents of your closet. Thus for white suits, you can go for a White Wood Suit Hanger with Curved Body while a Tiered Wooden Pant Hanger will support many clothes at once.

Timber hangers come in an array of types, thus, you can get a compatible one for all of your clothes collection. The hangers are made to dovetail into the unique curving of ironed suits enabling them to maintain their shape for long. There are timber hangers that are offered with clips to hang skirts and overcome wrinkles. A timber hanger comes in handy for your clothing and reduces the number of times when ironing is needed.