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Plastic Hangers

Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are ubiquitous in closets as they are offered in a wide spectrum of colors, shapes and designs at cheap rates. Plastic hangers are crafted in specific shapes in a bid to fit the needs of different articles of clothing. The conventional hangers are triangular and are appropriate for suspending shirts, garments and pants. The products portfolio for plastic hangers has lock bars, clips and curved edges to hang almost all clothes. You can get dual tiered and triple tiered hangers that suspend many clothes altogether.

Most people prefer plastic hangers as they are rust resistant and will suspend many types of wear. Thus, it does not leave color hues even if the fabric is wet. Similarly, there are no crease wrinkles after hanging the clothes and are easily accessible in local or online stores. By the same token, plastic hangers are available at very low prices in contrast with metallic or plastic ones.

You can choose heavy-duty, plastic tube hangers as the support of your closet. The hangers are handy for T-shirts, pullovers, polo shirts, blouses and dresses. You can also refit the closet with various tubular hangers that are perfect for lightweight gear. The quality of tubular hangers is imperative when buying, the heavier the model the more durable it will be.

Plastic hangers are better than slim wire types as they will not bend when you suspend heavy items. If you are seeking a combination of a wide range of colors, you can leverage plastic hangers as they are available in almost all. The shortcoming is the lack of uniformity when you mix many colors, however, you can get ones that match your clothes.

Other types of plastic hangers come with small rings protruding from the top twin bars to suspend different clothes. There are specialized varieties that will support many clothes like children’s wear and may be handy for your nursery closet organizers. Some are also foldable and are crafted to slip through collars for more efficiency and overcoming stretching.

The hangers will normally mimic the shoulders and are ideal for hanging coats, jackets, shirts, sweaters, blouses, and dresses while militating against wrinkles and there is a low bar for supporting skirts or pants. The other types of plastic hangers are clamp-made and are ideal for kilts, trousers or pants. The far-reaching rewards of plastic hangers are their versatility, affordability and simplicity. They are highly appropriate for all of your clothes and de-clutter your closet.

HangerSale stocks the largest selection of plastic hangers available in a variety of styles and colors to match your requirements. Our unbreakable plastic dress hangers, plastic suit hangers, and heavy duty pants hangers are made in order to hold the heaviest garments. We stock many different sizes, including children's plastic hangers, swimwear plastic hangers, extra large pleastic suit hangers, that is perfect for oversized suits, coats and dresses.

If you are not looking to purchase plastic hangers in bulk, you will still find the price lower than wholesale prices. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the highest quality hangers for the lowest possible price at HangerSale.