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Kids Hangers


Keeping your child’s wardrobe organised isn’t just about space. It’s also about the way the clothing is laid out. If you’re able to see everything easily from a distance, you’ll be less likely to think that you’re missing something and need to go shopping. Clever storage can also help ensure that those gorgeous baby shower or birthday present you received actually get worn!

Child and baby hangers are specifically designed for the smaller width of junior-sized garments, allowing for neat and easy storage as well as space maximisation. For example, if you’ve got a modular closet system, with infant hangers you can fit three or four rails of clothing in the space you’d normally use for one or two. Scaling down the size of the design also helps to prevent stretching of shoulders, arms and neck lines that can happen when you try to use regular size hangers for itty bitty clothes.

Our range of kids’ and baby hangers is designed to be not just budget-friendly, but also attractive. There’s no reason to use the cheap hangers the clothes came on, when you can have beautiful satin or wood hangers that perfectly preserve those delicate baby-soft fabrics. Looking for long term versatility? The designs with clips can be adjusted to hold larger sizes of trousers, skirts and dresses, just by sliding the clips along the bar.

Running a baby and toddler boutique? We have a range of gorgeous designs that are perfect for lending a sense of luxury to your stock. For versatility, we recommend the 28cm beech or white wooden hanger with clips. In between the big kids’ and baby hangers in terms of width, they can be used for a range of pieces. For extra personalisation, add your logo with our custom order option.